Wednesday, 23 March 2016

camp week

Camp week
During camp  week there were lot’s of fun activities.  Imagine if all you do is smores and pizza put up our tents. Many people think these activities would be fun to participate in every term. I strongly agree because we should have fun.

If families had enough time to save money to do the all activities, then we could do it every term. First, we should have camp week every term because it would be fun. You get to do activities like the tinfoil boats and cook stuff like the pizza and s'mores.

Second, we should have camp week every term because we will learn to play outside and we learn to make friends.

Finally, I have proven that we should have camp week every term.

feedback:nice work with using full stops and capital letters.
feedforward:please have a description.

description: I trying convince you to agree to have camp week every term.
w.a.l.t: persuasive argument.

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  1. I like that you have all of your post criteria and enjoyed reading your writing! Maybe next time put the WALT and description up top before your writing.